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7 Ways You Can Tame Pandemic Tension in Your Home


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7 Ways You Can Tame Pandemic Tension in Your Home


If you are a self-isolating family during the pandemic, what you really may need is a break from stress and chaos in your home. That’s because as much as your family members may love one another, spending every minute of the day together can give rise to extra tension. Thankfully escaping from that tension can be as simple as putting one of the stress-relieving tips to work in your home and your everyday routine.


Declutter and Clear Out Bad Energy


When things feel tense while spending time at home, you should take a look around your home to see if there are any bad energy sources lurking about. You’d be surprised at how much stress you can relieve by simply decluttering and cleaning your home and perhaps opening a window or two to let some fresh air inside. Then be sure to keep your home organized to limit the overwhelm. This may sound impossible if you are a busy parent with a busy family, but you can maintain order in your home with simple steps, like making your beds each morning or spot-cleaning bathrooms.

















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Create More Calm in Bedrooms


Decluttering in your family’s bedrooms can also help decrease feelings of stress, but making improvements to your bedrooms can also help your family get better sleep. Some other changes you can try include picking up more comfortable bedding online and keeping your family’s bedrooms cooler at night. Of course, one of the most important improvements you can make to boost sleep quality is to keep work and electronics out of your sleep spaces. So, try to find other areas in your home that your family can use for remote work and online learning.


Take Brain Breaks to Play Games


Even if your family has been stuck at home together for months, it’s still important to plan for relaxing and fun family time. Since boredom can be a common problem for kids and adults in self-isolation, having ways to blow off steam is even more essential during the pandemic. One way to have a blast as a family without leaving your home is by gaming online. Enjoying multiplayer games like Fortnite can provide a welcome break from boredom and the monotony of your daily routine. Just be sure you have a reliable and speedy internet connection with low latency to keep the fun going.




















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Explore The Wilderness Together


The healing power of nature is undeniable. So if your family is struggling with stress, consider planning a safe and nurturing outdoor adventure. You can find less crowded trails with a quick online search, and you should also be able to find information on park closings and guidelines for using open spaces. If you can’t readily find these tips, look to CDC recommendations for protecting yourself and others by wearing masks and practicing social-distancing in public. These practices should allow you to enjoy parks and trails without risking your well-being.


Plan Some Backyard Stress Relief


If you don’t feel comfortable hitting the trails with your family, you can still experience the soothing effects of nature in your own backyard. The trick is to spend a little time and effort creating family-friendly outdoor spaces so that you and your kids will have somewhere to unwind after a stressful day. You could go big by building a tree house big enough for your entire family or you can keep things simple with a small fire pit. You can even create your very own obstacle courses outside, to get a healthy dose of sunshine and exercise. Whatever improvements you make, just be sure to take frequent outdoor breaks.


Cook Some Simple Meals Together


Deciding what to eat is such a simple task that can cause a lot of tension for families. You can prevent this added source of stress by planning healthy meals and snacks you can prepare and cook as a family. Be sure to write these recipes and meals out in a planner, and then make a shopping list to reduce any added stress of overspending at the grocery store.



















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Try Some Family-Friendly Workouts


When your family needs a mood boost, family-friendly exercise videos can provide the relief you all need. Exercise is also an effective way to help kids burn off excess energy that can lead to boredom and behavioral issues. Plus, working out can help parents avoid the pains of sitting at a desk all day. You can try a fun-filled Trolls dance session to get your bodies moving or a workout session where you also learn about different animals. There are also quite a few yoga videos on the list, in case your family needs a few minutes to cool down and calm down stress.


Your family may feel most comfortable spending time at home, but know that there are safe and fun exercises and activities your kids can participate in outside of home. The expert instructors at Bloomfield Gymnastics are currently offering smaller-sized classes with strict safety guidelines. Gymnastics can be ideal for developing strength, balance, and coordination.


With any hope, the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually fade away and your family can start spending less time at home. Until that happens, make sure you have the tools and tricks you need to manage tensions and make the most of the extra time you are spending together.


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