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Bloomfield Gymnastics Gets Word They Can Reopen!

Following the state of Michigan epidemic orders, Bloomfield Gymnastics will reopen on Wednesday January 20th, 2021. Our safety guidelines will remain the same as they were prior to our November shut down. We are so excited to see all of you again! Please, continue to use proper PPE & practice safety guidelines to ensure we provide the best space for our gymnasts to practice.

11/18/2020 - 1/12/21

Group Exercise Classes are Prohibited by State Mandated Extended Shut Down

From November 18th until 1/12/21 all group exercise classes are prohibited to stop the spread of COVID-19. Following the state of Michigan epidemic orders, Bloomfield Gymnastics will be temporarily halting classes. Please stay safe and healthy! 


Group Exercise Classes are Prohibited by State Mandated 3 Week Pause

Announced on November 11/15 all group exercise classes are prohibited to stop the spread of COVID-19. Following the state of Michigan epidemic orders, Bloomfield Gymnastics will be temporarily halting classes starting November 18th until December 9th. All currently enrolled gymnasts will receive a credit to their BG account for classes missed during the state ordered "3 Week Pause". Please stay safe and healthy! 


Bloomfield Gymnastics Opened with New Safety Guidelines!

  • What to bring to BG - Our REC lockers will be closed. We ask your gymnast to please bring a gym bag to hold their water bottle and their necessities.

  • What to wear to BG - Wear a leotard, shorts/tanktop, athletic pants, workout clothes, and an appropriately fitted face mask.

  • Arriving to BG - Parents or loved ones must drop off their child at Door A (the main entrance) at this time, parents are not be allowed to sit and watch in the lobby or the viewing room.

  • When your gymnast arrives - When your gymnast walks in we have a Check-In Station where your child will be given hand sanitizer, be signed in, and temped prior to entering the gym. Temperatures over 100 degrees will be sent home.

  • During Class - Class sizes will not exceed 8 gymnasts. Gymnasts and coaches will follow the CDC guidelines by staying 6ft apart. Coaches will be setting up their classes in the form of progressions to limit the amount of touching. When spotting in necessary the coaches will do so.

  • Water Breaks - Water breaks will be given in rotations. 4 gymnasts at a time will get water, when those 4 return the next 4 will go.

  • Bathroom Breaks - One gymnast at a time.

  • Masks - Coaches and Gymnasts will be wearing masks 24/7 when at BG.

  • When picking up from BG - Gymnasts will be picked up at Door B (our side door).

  • Cleaning - Coaches will be washing their hands before and in-between all classes, at this time no gymnasts will be entering the foam pit, Coaches will be disinfecting mats between uses, office staff will be consistently disinfecting high touch areas throughout business hours, and coaches will be deep cleaning every night.


Gyms are allowed to open!

We are so excited that we are now allowed to re-open to the public! We are working on prepping the gym and our staff according to the most up-to-date safety recommendations. We will announce our re-opening date and new class schedule very soon. Please make sure your email is turned on for notifications, and check back for all dates and class offerings.

We will be honoring your 6 weeks credit for those of you who were enrolled in the Winter 2 session.

Please remember that things will look quite a bit different. We will be having less children at the gym at any given time to make sure they have the least amount of exposure for the students. We will require drop-off only. There will be nobody allowed to stay in the lobby during your child's class. We ask that all questions and registrations be taken care of online or over the phone. We will have safety barriers in place if you absolutely need to come inside. You will have to call first to be allowed in. Thanks for helping to keep everyone safe!


Indoor sports still prohibited, plans outlined for re-opening

Indoor sports are still mandated closed for our area of the state, per the ruling of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. We are awaiting phase 4 & 5 of there re-opening plan, which would allow for athletics with specific guidelines to adhere to, which will affect the way we are able to run classes.

You may notice significant changes, such as students rotating in a different manner to minimize contact, different ways of standing in line in an effort to maintain a 6-foot distance between students, and altered class times to reduce the amount of students they each come in contact with. Rest assured, we will still keep the students active, safe, and having fun. We know they students miss each other - we miss them too! - but please talk to your children about hugs and other physical contact.

For everyone that was enrolled in the Winter 2 session, we have put a credit on your BG account for the remaining classes after we temporarily closed.

When we are able to re-open, we ask that you register online, if you are able to, to reduce the amount of person-to-person contact. Please click the link below to create, or access, your account.  We would also LOVE your support by making any purchase from our newly opened online store!  Click link below to access:


Classes Suspended due to COVID-19

Bloomfield Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe environment for our students & families. Following the state's mandating closings, we will be suspending all classes and open gyms until March 30. Follow us on social media for the most updated information. If you are a current family and do not currently receive emails, please let us know so we can be sure you have opted in to emails and we have the correct address.

Thank you for your continued support, as closing down isn’t something a small business is ever prepared for.

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