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How do I register?

You may register in person, over the phone, or online at  If the class is available, we work on a first-come, first-served, basis. We will only hold your spot in class with payment. This can be in the form of check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or Discover. We do accept credit cards over the phone or online. 

What type of credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover

How long do sessions last? 

Our school year (Sept - June) sessions last 8 weeks. Summer sessions, July and August, are 4 weeks to accommodate vacation schedules. 

When can I register for the new session? 

Students who are currently enrolled will have 1 week to re-enroll in the class they are currently in without the chance of losing their spot. This priority registration starts 3 weeks before the new session starts. Open registration for new students, or those who would like to change days and times, begins 2 weeks before the new session starts.

If the class I want is full, can I be put on a waiting list? 

We do have waiting lists for classes. The wait lists are also on a first-come, first-served, basis. We will contact you if a spot opens up for the class. Please call us as soon as possible, as there may be other people on the waiting list.

You are telling me my child's class is full for the next session. How did that happen?

We do our best to make you aware that a new session is approaching. We put up signs in the lobby, put it on our facebook page, and send emails. We understand that you may never come into the gym and sometimes the emails end up in the junk mail folder. We suggest that when you register, you mark the date on your calendar when you will have to register next so you do not lose your spot in class. 

Can my child try out a class before registering? 

We can only allow registered students to participate in class. If you are already a member, or are willing to pay the annual membership fee, you can pay for one class to try it out IF there is an open spot in that class. We always welcome students and parents to come and watch a class from the lobby if you are not sure which class to sign up for.

How can I make sure my child is in the same class as his/her friends? 

The best way to get more than one child in a class is to register early! Make sure you know when priority registration and open registration are starting. 


Why won't the online system let me register? 

1) The most common reason is that your child is the incorrect age.  Our classes have specific ages set, and if your child is outside of that age group, the automated system will not allow you to register.  If it is a special circumstance, we can override that if you give us a call.


2) If we are in priority registration, they system will only allow you to register into the day and time you are currently registered for.


3) If it is an advanced class, the office needs to set an invitation for your child.  Sometimes we forget to set this if we always register you in person and can override that requirement.  It also doesn't recognize you if you have created a new account.





What does my child wear to class?

Leotards for girls are best. We have leotards for sale in our lobby. Girls and boys may also wear shorts and tshirts. Please choose clothes that are flexible and comfortable, but not baggy, with no snaps or zippers. The coach can get wrapped up in clothes when spotting. Please no jewelry, footed tights, or shoes. Open footed tights are permitted.

Should my child wear tights?

We recommend bare feet, as they can slip on the mats with socks or tights. Open footed tights are permitted.

Can we do make-ups?

We allow 2 make-ups per session. They are a privilege, not guaranteed, and they MUST be completed within the same session. There will be no carry-overs to the next session, except for special circumstances. You MUST call and let us know that your child will not be in his/her class to be allowed the make-up. To schedule make-ups, call or stop by the office. If the class is not full, we can schedule you in. If the class is full, we usually recommend calling the day of, or the day before, you want to come in, to see if anyone has called in sick, in which case you can have their spot. Just to reiterate: YOU MUST CALL IN BEFORE YOU MISS CLASS TO BE ALLOWED TO DO A MAKE-UP.  Your empty spot will allow someone else to do their make-up.

Can I come and watch classes?

We welcome all students and parents to come watch any class you like. This may be a good idea before you register to see how the classes are run. We have a viewing window for parents and visitors, but ONLY gymnasts are allowed in the gym.  This is for the safety of all gymnasts.

How many kids will be in my child's class?

Our student/teacher ratio is 8:1. Your child may be enrolled with an 8-student maximum class with 1 teacher, or a 16-student maximum class with 2 teachers.

How do we know if classes are cancelled due to severe weather?

If an excessive amount of snow falls, or extreme weather, we will notify you by email, post on our website, and/or post on facebook, if we will be closing.  Please make sure we have your correct email address, and you allow promotional emails.  In the event of a snow day, a make-up day will be announced at your student's next class.





How do I set up a private lesson? 

Private lessons are set up directly with the coach you would like to work with.  Private lessons start at $25 per half hour, or $45 per hour.  If you do not know which coach you would like to work with, please call our office at (248) 335-6770, and let us know what you are looking to work on, and we will do our best to pair you with an appropriate coach.  Students are required to pay the membership fee in order to participate in private lessons.

How do I register for a birthday party?

Birthday parties are held after 3pm on Saturday and Sunday (all day). Please call the office at (248) 335-6770 to check for availablity.  A non-refundable deposit of $135 will be required to hold your day and time.  The remainder of the balance ($90 & up) will be due IN CASH on the day of your party.  Please check our birthday party page for more information. 

Am I supposed to tip the coach hosting my birthday party? 

Tips are not required, but are appreciated it if you feel your coach has done an exemplory job.

Why don't you answer your phone when I call?

Many times our coaches are teaching class, and can not answer the phones.  Please leave a message, and someone will return your call in between classes, or as soon as possible.  Please do not leave repeated messages in the same day.  We promise we will call you back.  If you need to speak to someone in person, the best time to call is after 4-9pm, Monday - Thursday, or 9:30am-2:30pm Saturday, when our office staff comes in.  Thank you for your patience.


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