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Fun Facts:

Gymnastics became an Olympic sport in 1896


Larissa Latynina of Russia won 18 Olympic gymnastic medals, thus setting an Olympics record for women: nine gold medals, five silver, and four bronze between 1956 & 1964

In the 1976 Olympics, Nadia Comaneci of Romania became the first gymnast in Olympic history to score a perfect 10.0. The scoreboard showed 1 because it had never been accomplished before.

Bloomfield Gymnastics has been providing coaching excellence for over 40 years.  Our staff is what sets us apart.  Our experienced adult coaching staff creates a safe & fun environment to learn new skills. All Coaches are ex or current athletes with many hours of safety training. All students get the best gym times, the best coaches, and the best equipment, which at some gyms is reserved for the top competetive athletes.  We also encourage growth and improvement through an evalutation program that allows parents to track progress, and awards medals to the students for achieving new skill levels. Gymnastics is a great basis for all sports providing superior training in strength, balance, and coordination.


Fun Facts:

In 1984, Mary Lou Retton was the first American to win the Olympic All-Around title.

Carly Patterson, in 2004, was the first American woman to win the All-Around in an unboycotted Olympics.

NASA scientists have discovered that jumping on a trampoline is up to 68% more effective exercise than jogging.  It burns about 410 calories per hour.

The first gymnasts practiced in the nude. In fact, the ancient Greek word “gymnos” means naked. Training naked was seen as a tribute to the gods, especially to Hermes, one of the patrons of gymnasiums.

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