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Sunday, June 2nd, 2019  3pm
Watch your kids strut their stuff and show off their skills!  After the Olympic march-in, they will get to perform on each event, before being announced to the podium to receive their gold medal.

Held right here at the gym!




When should the kids arrive?

We ask that the students be here no later than 2:30 for warm-up, stretch, and lining up. Please don't be late - it's hard enough to wrangle all these kids in lines, and count heads, without the extra disruption!

Can we come early?

The doors will not open before 2:15pm

What is this VIP package?

Our VIP gymnasts get a VIP lanyard, BG flower, BG T-shirt, BG slap bracelet, and early entrance (2pm) to choose your seats before anyone else!  Max 6 seats - tickets not included.

When should the parents arrive?

You may come with the students, or drop them off and come before the show starts. 

What should they wear?

Gymnasts should pick their favorite leotards.  No socks.  Hair pulled back in a pony tail or bun.  Boys in athletic wear - non-baggy shorts and T-shirt.

How do I know if my kid is in the show?

Students must be registered for the Spring session to participate, and it is FREE, but we do not automatically enroll them.  Please see the office to enroll them in the show if they will be attending. Enrollment is limited.

Are all of the classes included?

Yes!  No matter how little or big, all students are welcome to participate!

How long will it last?

The show starts at 3pm and will last 1.5 - 2 hours.  At the end you may also take special pictures with your gymnast or with their coach.

What do they do?

Your little gymnast has been learning skills and routines to show off for you. They will do their Olympic march in, then go to each of the 4 Olympic events, plus tumble trak.  They will then be called to the podium by name to receive their gold medal.  They will stay there for a moment with their group to make sure you have a great picture opportunity!

How do we get the best seats?

Get there early.  Seats are not assigned and are first-come, first-serve.  Since we usually sell out, please be considerate and do not use a seat for your purse or camera bag, and try to sit right next to someone instead of leaving a seat in between you.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my ( ) year old?

Probably. Anyone who is taking a seat needs a ticket. We will sell out, and even if they are on your lap, most likely they would be hanging over the edge of you.  Make the judgement call if you need the extra space.

Do I have to come in to buy a ticket?

Nope!  You can call us and buy it over the phone.  We will keep it safe in a vault and have it ready for you at will call on the day of the event, or pick them up earlier for convenience!

Can we take pictures?

Yes!  And please please share them with us!  Sometimes we are working too hard spotting tricks to get the best pictures.  Please be considerate of others and not stand up, and please understand that we cannot have you on the floor, as a safety precaution.  Please use #bloomfieldgymnastics & #goldmedalexhibition when posting your pictures.  Thanks for being awesome!

Can we bring flowers?

We've taken care of that for you!  We have flowers for sale that have water tubes to keep them fresh.

Can we bring refreshments?

We will have bottles of water for sale, and you may bring your own, but we please ask that no pop, juice, coffee, or snacks.  We have new carpet, and we are trying to keep it that way for as long as possible.  THANK YOU!

2:00 - VIP doors open

2:15 - General doors open

2:30 - ALL gymnasts must be              present for warm ups

3:00 - Show starts

4:30-5 - Show ends

Gymnasts should wear their favorite leotard & have their hair pulled back.  

Please hashtag pictures with

#bloomfieldgymnastics & #goldmedalexhibition

What you need to know:

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